Posted on January 26 2016

Joy Jennifer Lawrence

As we all know, amazing films come out in January and this month is definitely filled with excellent films to check out. If you’ve already seen the Danish Girl and the Hateful Eight is way too violent then we recommend Jennifer Lawrence’s new flick, Joy. The film is the true story about the rise of Joy Mangano from poor singe mom to global entrepreneur. Robert DeNiro is her dad, Isabella Rossellini his girlfriend. What is there not to like?

The film is stylish too (we swooned at some of the fashion) and god, do we want some big glasses! It made us long for the early 90s when the 80s were just close by nudging and influencing away. We don’t think it’ll be too long before Sketch London produces a J Law in Joy inspired outfit. Watch this space!

p.s. Bradley Cooper is a bit pants in this film, don’t go if he's the only thing you'd be interested in!

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