Glow Baby Glow!

Posted on December 16 2015

Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Palette

We've got you just in time to treat yourself for Christmas or indeed, stick it on the list (if you have one of those mythical lists that people actually pay attention to and buy you what you want!)

Enter Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This is awesome and we don't say that lightly. We have to admit we were a little suspicious of the recommendation. So far our Hourglass experience has been limited to lipstick and meh, we've had better for the luxury price tag. The nude is ok, we suppose, but not much different to what Loreal have to offer.

So be bought this on a whim and a strong recommendation from a makeup fanatic (like half of us). Three glistening powders winking and twinkling at us.

The result is spectacular. People (women) commenting on how great we look all day long. Powder one provides a velvety matt base but with life and glow. Powder two is a highlighter for grown up. We like it across the forehead, down nose and on our the curve Cupid's bow. Finally powder three on our cheekbones. Leave alone for golden hues or top up with blusher to match your lipstick.

It isn't cheap at £56.00 but this is a serious recommendation! We bought ours from Harvey Nicks but also available in SpaceNK or Liberty. Enjoy!

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